author Posted by Tunnelr, 2017-03-06

From approximately 12:00AM PST 03.06.2017 until 3:00PM PST 03.06.2017, Tunnelr experienced a large scale outage.

All of our nodes at one of our larger providers were shutdown due to a number of open abuse notices for a particular exit node. This effectively took down *all* of our core infrastructure - website, mail, DNS, database servers, workers and several exit nodes.

While all services and nodes have been brought back up and *should* be operational, it is possible that there may be lingering issues as a result of the mass-shutdown.

Additional details in the full post.

author Posted by Tunnelr, 2016-12-24

We have been in the process of giving our nodes a minor facelift -- we are replacing older, sub-optimally performing nodes with newer nodes in new locations (and/or in different data centers).

This week - we are replacing the Dallas and McLean nodes!

author Posted by Tunnelr, 2016-11-03

We have completed our latest maintenance!

Aside from fixing some old bits and pieces, we have also introduced several new nodes.

Check it out!