VPN and SSH differences

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We've outlined the primary differences below. In a nutshell however, if you want to tunnel only certain applications like web or mail, SSH tunnels may be enough for you. If the idea is to ensure that no data passes unencrypted, we'd recommend an OpenVPN account.

SSH Tunnel ($5.00 / mo):

- Creates a connection to our servers through a terminal program (ie: PuTTY, OSX terminal).
- Applications must be configured to route traffic through the tunnel for encryption to take place.
- Cheaper than VPN tunneling and just as secure.
- Great for those who are comfortable with SSH tunneling and need to access their personal data over a public connection.
- If you are unfamiliar with SSH tunneling, but you still want to know more, please see this part of the FAQ.

VPN Tunnel ($7.00 / mo):

- Uses a VPN client to connect to our servers.
- Requires no software configuration changes. Encrypted traffic flows out of the newly created tunnel device.
- If you decide to change server locations, a new VPN bundle must be downloaded.
- Easy to setup and configure. No additional configuration changes needed after initial setup.
- Best choice if you cannot play online games due to public firewall restrictions.

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