Understanding usage graphs and statistics

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Your Tunnelr portal is unique as it provides you with an overview of your account usage. You are able to view your current transfer rate, both in throughput (kbits / second) and packet counts (current packets transferring per second).

Packets In:
Current number of packets coming from the Internet to your computer

Packets Out:
Current number of packets flowing from your computer out to the Internet

Bandwidth In:
The amount of traffic traveling through our servers and into your home

Bandwidth Out:
The amount of traffic traveling from your connection to our servers and out to the Internet.

Total Packets (in+out):
The total number of packets your account has sent through our servers since it became active

Total Data Transferred:
The total amount of megabytes the account has transferred our servers since it became active

If you are still confused about the concepts of packet flow and bandwidth monitoring, this article does a decent job explaining it more in-depth.

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