Using SSH tunnels

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You've signed up for an SSH tunneling service but your not sure how to use it? We can help with that.

Our servers are setup in such a way that we do not give any client shell access - this is to ensure that no abuse takes place on the servers themselves.

To connect to our server (if you are running an operating system with a native terminal):
ssh -p 22 -N -D localhost:8080

I've italicized the text that needs to be changed based on your user settings. In our example, let's use the username 'cheapssh' and pretend that this user is currently using our server located in Seattle, WA:
ssh -p 22 -N -D localhost:8080

You can view your connection details in your client portal, first by selecting the "Your Account" menu, then clicking on "View Connection Details"

If you run Windows and use PuTTY to connect, it's easier to use a .bat file to launch the program with the desired options. We've included a custom .bat file that you can download from your client portal. All that you'll need to do is move it into the directory that PuTTY.exe resides, and then double click the .bat to begin tunneling.

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