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PPTP Tunnel ($7.00 / mo):
  • Does not require any additional software to be installed.
  • Supported on virtually all platforms including Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS & Android.
  • Easiest option to get started with - perfect for novices!
  • Uses 128-bit encryption and username/password for authentication.

OpenVPN Tunnel ($7.00 / mo):
  • Uses a VPN client to connect to our servers.
  • Traffic flows out of the newly created tunnel device - preventing any traffic from being transmitted unencrypted
  • Simple to setup and configure. No additional configuration changes needed after initial setup.
  • When ultimate discretion and privacy is necessary, OpenVPN surpasses all other choices in security.
  • Uses 256-bit encryption and username/password + SSL certificates for authentication.

SSH Tunnel ($5.00 / mo):
  • Creates a connection to our servers through a terminal program (ie: PuTTY, OSX terminal).
  • Applications must be configured to route traffic through the tunnel for encryption to take place.
  • Cheaper than VPN tunneling and just as secure.
  • Requires some hands-on configuration. Best for intermediate level users and above.
  • Great for those who are comfortable with SSH and only require a couple of services to be tunneled.
  • If you are unfamiliar with SSH tunneling, but you still want to know more, please see the knowledge base.